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SC - The Depot | Midland | Ontario | Natural Stone

At SC The Depot we look to nature for inspirations in design. Naturally beautiful, solid, long lasting material, made by nature is a great start to any project.

We carry a wide range of natural stone products in an
assortment of colors to create just the right type of space for you. Practical and affordable, natural stone might be just what you are looking for.

Flagstone –  Flagstone is a flat stone slab often used for outdoor patios, around fire pits and walkways. 

Limestone Flagstone – assorted sizes
Granite Flagstone – assorted sizes

Drywall (Dry stone) – Cut drywall is a term used for natural stone that has been cut and shaped for creating landscape walls. It doesn't need mortar or glue to bind it together and will hold together when stacked on top of each other.

Scottish Dry stone 
8” x 6” Drywall 

8” x 8” Drywall 

Armour Stone – Armour Stone is large, naturally-flat, roughly square-to-rectangular-shaped natural stone normally moved by heavy machinery. With its size and weight, it is suitable for medium-to-large, natural-looking retaining walls and erosion control.

20”-24” x 10”-12”  Skidded Armour Stone- Grey, Charcoal & Chocolate (colors vary)     
12”-14” x 2’-3’ 
Armour Stone- Grey, Charcoal & Chocolate (colors vary) 
16”-21” x 2’-3’ 
Armour Stone- Grey, Charcoal & Chocolate (colors vary)
26”-28” x 3’-5’ 
Armour Stone- Grey, Charcoal & Chocolate (colors vary)

**Natural Stone varies in color. Since we receive our products from more than one quarry there may be different colors than listed above. It is highly recommended that you come in and take a look at our current selection.